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epp team researchers awarded almost 100 million cpu core hours

In the most recent PRACE call for supercomputing time, Luis Silva and Jorge Vieira, GoLP/IPFN researchers and professors in the physics department, have received 36 million cpu-core hours for MareNostrum in Spain and 60 million cpu-core hours for Piz Daint in Switzerland, respectively. The award for Luis Silva is the second year renewal of the project PULSAR, aimed at understanding, from first principles, the… Read more

Mariana M is awarded EPS PhD poster prize

Mariana M (in the picture) was awarded a PPCF/EPS/IUPAP PhD Poster Prize at EPS 2019 conference, with her “Study of beam hosing in different regimes”. The conference was held on July 8-12 in Milan, Italy. Read more

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