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EPP research in Virtual Reality at Dia do Técnico 2019

Hundreds of people visited Instituto Superior Técnico last Thursday (May 23rd) to celebrate its 108th anniversary. For the occasion, we let them dive into the plasma realm with virtual reality, sounds, images, and videos realized from our research (most of them available here). Read more

Fabio C awarded best talk JPP prize at 2019 Les Houches Plasma Physics School

Fabio C was awarded the best talk Journal of Plasma Physics prize at 2019 Les Houches Plasma Physics School, with his presentation on “Particle-in-cell simulations of pair discharges at pulsar polar caps”. Evan Heintz (University of Winsconsin), Alice Giroul (Queen Mary University of London) and Sonakshi Sachdev (Chennai Mathematical Institute) were… Read more

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