• PhD thesis of Mario Galletti awarded top grade

    Mario Galletti defended successfully his PhD thesis on June 4, 2020, being awarded the top final grade of Approved with Distinction Cum Laude.

    During his PhD, Mario worked on different topics ranging from optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers, laser-matter interaction and laser and plasma diagnostics. He performed research at the Laboratory for Intense Lasers, IST, at the VULCAN laser, Central Laser Facility (UK) and at the FLAME laser, INFN (Italy). He integrated the APPLAuSE 2016 class and joined GoLP for his thesis, under the supervision of Gonçalo Figueira (IST) and Marco Galimberti (CLF-STFC, UK).

    In particular, Mario worked on the design and development of highly efficient fs/ps pumping stages in the visible, ultra-broadband OPA stages in the femtosecond and picosecond regime and the associated relative temporal diagnostics. He also investigated the experimental parameters behind Target Normal Sheath Acceleration, a laser-solid interaction technique for accelerating ions.

    Mario authored and co-authored a large number…

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  • epp team to be present in 25th year celebration of the Portuguese Ministry of Science

    In 2020, the Ministry of Science celebrates 25 years of the first Ministry of Science in Portugal. Our team will be present with the installation of Giannandrea I and Fabio C, Turbulence Voice of Space and GoLP VR Lab on April 17th 2020 in Teatro Thalia.


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  • The “Natas” of Visualization 2019 have been announced!

    And now they come in three flavours! Following our tradition (see the “2014 Natas”, “2015 Natas”, “2016 Natas”, “2017 Natas”, “2018 Natas“), the prizes for the winners of the image, video, and VR of 2019, the “natas” of visualization, were awarded to Kevin Schoeffler (center), Nitin Shukla (right, in the slide, 2nd time winner), and Fabio Cruz (left, 4th time winner). The term “Nata” was coined by one of the previous winners Paulo Alves: “Nata” is a tasty Portuguese pastry that everybody likes. It’s as enjoyable as having our simulations running nicely on a big supercomputer. It can also mean being at the top, at a high level, important.” Nata is also a new open source visualisation framework recently launched by epp team members. Many congratulations to the 2019 winners! The images and videos have been posted on the team website here and will…

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  • X-GoLP undergraduate research placements 2020

    We are opening a call for partial time Junior Research Placements (Estágios de Introdução à Investigação) for March – September 2020 (extendable). See details here.

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  • Luis OS to deliver plenary talk at EPS DPP 2020

    Luis OS will deliver a plenary talk at the 47th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS2020) in Sitges near Barcelona, Spain, that will be held from June 22 to 26, 2020. The talk will address recent advances in the emerging field of extreme plasma physics.

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  • Luis OS elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon

    On December 5 2019, Luis OS was elected corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon. Founded in 1779, the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, comprises two classes (Sciences and Letters), each with seven sections, with up to 5 members and 10 corresponding members per class. Luis OS was elected in the section of Physics.

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  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays to all our researchers, professionals, families, alumni, and friends, and a Happy 2020 with lots of personal and professional successes and great science! (and don´t forget to check the GoLP VR Lab with your new Oculus!)

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  • GoLP researchers awarded with grant to explore plasma acceleration at CERN


    In the most recent call for funding within an agreement between the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) and CERN, GoLP/IPFN researchers Nelson Lopes and Jorge Vieira, were awarded with 80 thousand euros to investigate key open questions at the Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE) at CERN. AWAKE uses ultra-relativistic proton bunches available at CERN to excite relativistic plasma waves that could ultimately accelerate electrons (or positrons) to 10-100 GeVs in a 10-100 meter long plasma. This project will allow investigating some of the crucial questions to attain this goal from technological, experimental, numerical and also theoretical standpoints.

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  • Luis OS elected as fellow of the European Academy of Sciences

    Luís OS was recently elected fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc). IST has two professors that are fellows of the EurASC, Luis OS and Armando Pombeiro. Luis is the first Portuguese to be part of the Physics division and the sixth Portuguese to join the prestigious academy.


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  • EPP member Thomas G to co-organize next Les Houches school

    The next edition of the Les Houches plasma physics school will be co-organized by EPP researcher Thomas G and Mickael Grech (LULI, France). This school, held every two years at Les Houches, in the beautiful Chamonix Valley in the french Alps, gathers a group of renowned lecturers in plasma physics. Space, astrophysical as well as laboratory plasmas will be considered with a special emphasis on the timely topic of plasmas under extreme conditions as found e.g. in the interior of planets, in the most violent astrophysical environments, or created using extreme-light lasers.

    EPP students and lecturers have participated in previous editions of this school in 2013, 2015, and 2019.

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  • GoLP hosts mini-workshop on topological light-matter states

    Our team will host a mini-workshop on topological light-matter states in collaboration with CFTP and IT including presentations from Konstantin Bliokh (Riken, Japan), Jorge Vieira, Igor Ivanov (CFTP) and Mario Silveirinha (IT). The mini-workshop has the goal of exploring potential relationships between fundamental advances in nonlinear optics, photonics, plasma physics and high energy physics. More information about the program of the workshop, which will be held on October 28th (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro), can be found here.

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  • EPP team members attend EAAC 2019 workshop

    EPP team members Jorge V, Thales S, Anton H, and Mariana M (all in the picture above) went to Isola d’Elba in Italy to attend the 4th European Advanced Accelerators Workshop, held on 15-21 September 2019.

    Jorge V was one of the co-leaders of the theory and simulations working group and also attended the EuroNNAc meeting on the 22th of September. Thales S and Anton H delivered talks, whereas Mariana M presented a poster about their recent work.

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  • epp team researchers awarded almost 100 million cpu core hours

    In the most recent PRACE call for supercomputing time, Luis Silva and Jorge Vieira, GoLP/IPFN researchers and professors in the physics department, have received 36 million cpu-core hours for MareNostrum in Spain and 60 million cpu-core hours for Piz Daint in Switzerland, respectively. The award for Luis Silva is the second year renewal of the project PULSAR, aimed at understanding, from first principles, the magnetosphere of compact objects such as pulsars and black holes, and the award for Jorge Vieira is for the one year project OptiMom, with the goal of investigating how intense laser beams with exotic properties could enhance compact plasma accelerators and light sources. The estimated combined value of these awards exceeds 2 Million euros, and corresponds to the computing power of 11000 cores running continuously for one year.

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  • Mariana M is awarded EPS PhD poster prize

    Mariana M (in the picture) was awarded a PPCF/EPS/IUPAP PhD Poster Prize at EPS 2019 conference, with her “Study of beam hosing in different regimes”. The conference was held on July 8-12 in Milan, Italy.

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  • EPP team at EPS 2019

    EPP team members Ricardo F, Thomas G, Marija V, Thales S, Fabrizio del G, Mariana M and alumni Paulo A (all in the picture above) attended the 46th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS 2019), held on July 8-12 2019 in Milan, Italy.

    Thomas G (plenary), Thales S (contributed), and Fabrizio del G (invited at a satellite workshop on High-Field Laser-Plasma Interaction, HFLPI) delivered talks, whereas Ricardo F, Mariana M and Giannandrea I presented posters. Marija V was part of the programme committee and the organization of HFLPI.

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  • To read more news check out the extreme plasma physics and x-GoLP team pages.