• Marija V delivers IST Physics Department Colloquium

    Marija V has delivered the IST Physics Department Colloquium on April 11 with the seminar “Extreme Laser-matter Interactions”. The Physics Department Colloquium is held every week and aims to show case national and international speakers of relevance to the research and educational activities of the IST Physics Department.

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  • Diana A is awarded her PhD

    Diana A has been awarded her PhD on “Controlled Plasma Wakefield Acceleration for Particle Acceleration Towards the Energy Frontier” under the supervision of Jorge V and co-supervision of Luis OS. The thesis defense took place April 6 2018 in the presence of the thesis committee Profs. L. Alves, R. Bingham, P. Muggli, J.P.Bizarro, and J. Vieira. Many congratulations to the new Doctor Diana Amorim!

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  • epp team members contribute to solve mystery of why comets emit X-rays

    The mystery of X-ray emissions from comets has been solved by an international team integrating epp team researchers, Fabio C and Luis OS. This work was published today in Nature Physics.

    Scientists have long wondered why comets can radiate X-rays, given that X-rays are normally associated with hot objects like the Sun but comets are among the coldest objects in the Solar system.

    When comets travel through the Solar system they interact with the Solar radiation, the Solar wind and the Solar magnetic field. This produces a visible atmosphere (or coma), the characteristic cometary tail, and in some cases X-rays. These X-rays are generated on the sunward side of the comet where the Solar wind impacts the cometary atmosphere forming a bow shock.

    To investigate how the X-rays are generated, an international team of scientists from 15 institutes performed experiments using the ultra-intense lasers available at the LULI facility in Paris,…

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  • The “Natas” of Visualization 2017 have been announced!

    And they are “tasty”! Following our tradition (see News for the “2014 Natas”News for the “2015 Natas”, News for the “2016 Natas”), the prizes for the winners of the image and video of 2017, the “natas” of visualization, were awarded to Fabio Cruz (left, and triple winner after wins in 2014 and 2016) and to Fabrizio Del Gaudio (right). The term “Nata” was coined by one of the previous winners Paulo Alves: “Nata” is a tasty Portuguese pastry that everybody likes. It’s as enjoyable as having our simulations running nicely on a big supercomputer. It can also mean being at the top, at a high level, important.” Many congratulations to the 2017 winners! The images and videos will be posted on the team website and over the next few weeks on GoLP’s Facebook page.

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  • Paper by Thomas G et al selected as PoP Impactful articles from 2017

    The paper “Laser absorption via quantum electrodynamics cascades in counter propagating laser pulses” by Thomas Grismayer et al has been selected by Physics of Plasmas in the collection of Impactful articles from 2017. This is a collection of top articles of 2017. The list is comprised of most cited, most downloaded, DPP Special Issue articles, and Editor’s Picks. These articles have been made free to download for a limited time.

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  • Happy New Year

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  • GoLP Xmas and New Year celebration

    GoLP members joined on sunny December 20 for another GoLP Xmas and New Year celebration. Besides having the tasty “bacalhau” and other season delicatessens there was still time for the canonical picture of (almost) all the team members in the front of IST’s Main building.


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  • Mariana M awarded Best MSc Thesis in Plasma Physics, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion in 2016/2017

    Many congratulations to Mariana M for being awarded the best MEFT MSc thesis in plasma physics, lasers and nuclear fusion in the academic year 2016/2017. Mariana’s thesis was on ““Influence of proton bunch and plasma parameters on the AWAKE experiment” supervised by Jorge V.

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    The 2nd EuPRAXIA Yearly meeting, held from November 20 to November 24 2017, was hosted at IST and organised by GoLP. This meeting gathered more than 80 participants coming from several European Countries. The goal of this project is to produce a conceptual design report for the worldwide first high energy plasma-based accelerator that can provide industrial beam quality and user areas (more information here). ​The Portuguese participation in the EuPRAXIA project is provided by GoLP. The EuPRAXIA is a project funded by the EU. The EuPRAXIA yearly meeting at IST was sponsored by IST and CGD.

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  • Rui Silva awarded MSc in Physics Engineering

    Congratulations to Rui Oliveira e Silva for successfully defend his MSc thesis in Physics Engineering!

    In his thesis entitled “Design of optical spectrometers with RamSERS project”, Rui evaluates the parameters for the design of two Raman spectrometers , with the goal of achieving very competitive specifications using off-the-shelf optical elements. The design is verified by paraxial analysis and Zemax.

    The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a portable device for the identification of cancer biomarkers through Raman spectroscopy.

    Well done, Rui!


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  • Celso João awarded Best PhD in Optics and Photonics Prize

    Celso João, who successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2016, has now been awarded the Prize for the Best PhD Thesis in Optics by the Portuguese Society for Optics and Photonics (SPOF).

    Celso, a postdoc researcher and member of the Group for Lasers and Plasmas, has specialised in high power laser design and development. In his thesis entitled “Diode-pumped solid-state lasers for optical parametric amplification pumping”, he describes the implementation of new two diode-pumped ytterbium lasers for pumping OPCPA amplifiers.

    The first laser amplifier is installed at IST, while the second was added to the front end of the PHELIX laser at GSI Darmstadt, through a collaboration with IOQ/IAP-FSU Jena. The work was supervised by Prof. Gonçalo Figueira (IST), head of the Laboratory for Intense Lasers in Lisbon.

    SPOF was created in 2009 with the goals of promoting optics from the viewpoints of research, training and education. The national prize for the…

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  • Rui T awarded MSc degree at IST

    Many congratulations to Rui T for his recent MSc graduation with a thesis on “Realistic modelling of vacuum polarization induced light scattering scenarios in extreme intense fields”, under the supervision of Thomas G.

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  • Mariana M awarded MSc degree at IST

    Many congratulations to Mariana M for her recent MSc graduation with excellent marks. Mariana will now become a CERN fellow while pursuing her PhD degree with our team working on the AWAKE experiment under the supervision of Jorge V.

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  • Recent paper in PoP selected for AIP SciLight

    A recent paper in Physics of Plasmas by Hossein S, Jorge V, and Luis OS “Ponderomotive beatwave ion acceleration using twisted light” has been highlighted in AIP Scilight with the article “Hollow counter-propagating lasers extend the energy of optically accelerated ions” by J. H. Majors. The highlight is available here.

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  • epp team at APS DPP 2017

    Our team attended the 59th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, October 23 – 27, 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin presenting several posters, delivering one invited talk in the general session, two invited talks in a mini-conference, and several contributed talks. The IOP reception was another great opportunity to have a good time with many of our friends. From left to right, Ricardo F (IST/ISCTE-IUL), Warren M (UCLA), Jorge V (IST), Thomas G (IST), Nitin S (IST), Anton H (IST/UCLA), Sam T (SLAC/Stanford), Bob B (RAL/Strathclyde), Kevin S (IST), Luis OS (IST), Frederico F (SLAC/Stanford), Xavier D (CEA), Paulo A (SLAC/Stanford), and Nuno L (LLNL).

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  • To read more news check out the extreme plasma physics and x-GoLP team pages.