Research Teams

Extreme Plasma Physics Team

Extreme Plasma Physics team combines theory and massively parallel simulations to address the highly nonlinear scenarios associated with extreme conditions in the laboratory and in astrophysics involving relativistic flows or high intensity electromagnetic fields. We use the largest supercomputers in the World to address several longstanding scientific questions.

X-GoLP Team

X-GoLP team develops and makes use of state-of-the-art ultrafast and high intensity lasers, both in local laboratories and at world-class facilities. The range of topics investigated covers the generation of novel sources of radiation from the mid-infrared to x-rays, particle acceleration, future laser technologies, and innovative techniques and devices for optical and photonics applications.

Principal Investigators

Jorge Vieira

Luis O. Silva

Thomas Grismayer

Ricardo Fonseca

Gonçalo Figueira

João Mendanha Dias

Marta Fajardo

Nelson Lopes

José Tito da Luz Mendonça

PhD Researchers

Marija Vranic

Gareth Williams

Hugo Pires

Hugo Terças

José António Sequeira de Figueiredo Rodrigues

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Bertrand Martinez

Kevin Schoeffler

Thales Silva

Wenlong Zhang

Graduate Students

Bernardo Malaca

Camilla Willim

Chiara Badiali

Diogo Carvalho

Dominika Maslarova

Mariana Moreira

Miguel Pardal

Óscar Amaro

Pablo Bilbao

Róbert Babjak

Rui Torres

Joana Alves

José Figueiredo

Mukhtar Hussain


Ruggero Giampaoli

Victor Hariton

MSc. Students

Ana Ramalhete

Bernardo Barbosa

Enzo Figueiredo

Filipe Cruz

Rafael Almeida


André Antunes

Catarina Coutinho

Gonçalo Vaz

Luís Veloso

Mariana da Cunha e Silva

Nuno Torrado

Patrícia Estrela

Sebastião Antunes

High Performance Computing Support

Paulo Abreu